Two brothers, Mel and Frank, came up with the ingenious pizza concept back in 1997 and opened East Village Pizza. What has now become a cornerstone of New York City’s East Village, all began with a venture out for lunch.


Learn more about the story of New York’s best and most delicious pizza.

Mel is a Mediterranean Chef and Frank has been in the art of pizza making since his teenage years. One afternoon, walking down 9th avenue in search of the perfect meal, both Mel and Frank realized that no restaurant existed where you could eat a delicious slice of pizza. That day they decided to open East Village Pizza in East Village, NYC.

People come from all over the world to experience our indulgent menu, featuring Mediterranean Italian fusion, and the unique cultural experience that can only be found at this small gem in the heart of Manhattan.


Made with love only in New York City.


Even foodies and influencers approved the quality and taste of East Village Pizza.

That’s why we call our pizza as the best New York style pizza.

New York Style Pizza

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  • Excellent NYC thin crust slice! Perfectly crispy, well balanced sauce, and fresh toppings. I'm a particular fan of their pepperoni, mushroom, and jalapenos.

    Luci B.
  • It's New York. It's Pizza. It's in the East Village. What more could you ask for? Seriously though, this is the NY pizza you'd expect from a top-notch pizza place. Whether you need some drunchies or just a good slice, I'd recommend coming here.

    Aaron R.
  • Amazing mozzarella sticks, pizza and Italian food! The mozzarella sticks are so crispy and extremely stretchy! One of my favorite things to order from East Village pizza. The black sea pie pizza is also really good especially if you like cheese and bread but who doesn't?

    Jenn C.
  • This is a great spot in the East Village to grab a slice of pizza to go. I had a slice of margherita and it was really really good. I rather spend few extra dollars for a good slice of pizza like this one, than the 1$ slices you find everywhere around.

    Carola B.
  • Wow great price, great pizza, and lots of styles to choose from. I will defenetly come here again the pizza was fenomenal, loved it.

    Esther J.
  • Located on 1st avenue they have different various pizza! Not only do they serve pizza, but they even make delicious wings that I've tried. They were fried perfectly and it was crispy good! You can choose bbq wings or buffalo wings. Their popular pizza dish is the Black Sea Pie! Its a good eat with you and your friend and super instagrammable!

    Ka Yi W.


Would you like to have your pizza as a slice? Or whole? Or gluten-free? How about getting calzone? Or trying some of our heroes? Oh, also don’t forget to try rolls, buffalo wings, pastas, burgers or salads. Choice is yours. If you can’t decide what to have, check out our menu.

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