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A. Smith
East Village Pizza makes the best pizza and super delicious Italian dishes! We found this gem when we were in NYC last week. I ordered manicotti and their veal cutlet parmigiana and it was just heaven. My husband on the other hand, ordered a whole pizza with half jalapeno and half philly steak. It was just superb, I ate a slice but husband alone almost ate all of them. Golly, we were so hungry that night =) I can't believe my husband and I never knew of this place before. We are from Toronto but comes to NYC every now and then for business and leisure. We love trying out new restaurants and I must say, I will definitely comeback to East Village Pizza. I wish they have one down here in Toronto, its not so easy to find a good Italian and pizza place with that kind of atmosphere they have in their restaurant. I can't wait to go back there again..
i would say the margherita pizza is the best ever i had here in all manhattan, yeah margherita it is, delivery takes about 35 minutes but you get the pizza in order and hot and fresh,
East village Pizza was our fourth stop of five during a recent Manhattan pizza tour. We were wise to arrive around 3:30, so as to avoid both the inevitable lunch and dinner crowds, and managed to get a table for 4 with no problem. We ordered a small cheese pizza and a small meatball pizza, and had a baked risepudding while we waited. , the music was excellent and the carvings on the booths lent the place an oddly comforting appeal. The cheese pizza was very good, but the meatball pie was utterly fantastic. Every bite I took made me wish I'd taken a bigger bite. My hat is off to east village pizza'sfor their masterful command of the art of the non-traditional pizza great food great experience
lorin B
EAST VILLAGE PIZZA Hands down best pizza I've ever had! Saw it recommended in two different guide books and had a local recommend it as well. Glad we went there as it can be hard to tell what is/isn't good in EAST VILLAGE- We had an 18" between two of us - half meatball, half pepperoni and red onion... what a great experience we had we really never had a pizza before like this. i love their baked risepudding also
david M
perfect fresh egplant pizza Thanks for making our night better with the fresh eggplant pizza and baked homemade risepudding, thanks for being veryfriendly and helping us choosing our pizza we never tought it was gana be this beautiful and great experience when we walked in east village pizza, sweet corner in east village new york city